The Big Truck

Let me start off by saying, I try to do everything I can to be good to all my friends. If any of my friends ever need help with anything at all, I want to be there for them. That’s why when my friend Randy called me while I was sleeping this past weekend at 1:00 in the morning saying that his truck was stuck, I was out of bed and out the door before he even told me where he was. Now I have a pretty big truck, and I’ve had to pull out many people with it. However, my friend’s truck is HUGE. It’s a lifted dodge ram 3500 turbo diesel on 35” mud tires. And unfortunately, mud tires do not grip very well on wet roads. So it didn’t surprise me to find Randy had actually lost traction while taking a corner too fast in the rain and slid into a 15 foot deep ditch. Luckily, he got the truck to stop before it hit the bottom and wrecked, but it was still going to be very difficult to pull him out.

I was happy when I got there to see that both Randy and Spencer (who was passenger and is another good friend of mine) were safe, but I knew right away that it was too big of a job for my truck. So we called our friend Jared who is a diesel mechanic with an 800 horsepower Ford F250 power stroke to see if he could do it. If he couldn’t pull him out, no one could. So Jared came within minutes, and we got the tow rope and tried everything imaginable to get Randy out of the ditch. As other drivers came by we had to direct traffic as we were blocking most of the road. Almost all of them were holding their phones out the window taking pictures at what was an incredible seen. Luckily it was on a country road so there wasn’t too much traffic in the early morning hours. However, even at 3 in the morning, a few drivers of other big trucks stopped and offered help which was extremely heart warming. Even with dozens of people helping with shovels trying to dig the truck out, pull it out, and push it out, it just wouldn’t come out.

At this point, it’s 4 AM and we’ve tried absolutely everything to get him out. Nothing was working. So we told Randy that he would have to call a tow truck. We really didn’t want him to have to pay for a tow because they are not cheap, and he’s a broke college kid like the rest of us, but at this point there was nothing else we could do. Jared, Spencer and I decided to stick around until the driver got there just to offer support to Randy who was worried that he may have seriously damaged his truck as he cares so much for it. The tow truck driver got there at around 5 AM, and even he couldn’t get him out! He tried for an hour and a half until he finally got him. So 5.5 hours and a couple hundred bucks later, Randy’s truck was free. Amazingly, nothing was seriously damaged! Just very dirty. By the time I got home it was 7:00 AM. Time to get ready for work!

Never leave your friends stranded.


Check out the link below for videos from this night.

Randy and Jared

Tow Truck