First Blog Post!

Hey everyone, my name is Christian, and this is my first blog post. This blog will consist of weekly postings of my day-to-day adventures. I am a passionate hunter and fisherman, so most of my posts will be about my outdoor adventures. I am also very passionate about weightlifting, and my professional career, so I will probably be posting about that too. For my first post, I will go ahead and talk about my hunting trip that I had last week.

So I like to hunt everything, but in my opinion, the bigger the better. So even though I like hunting ducks, squirrels and turkeys, big game like deer, hogs, and alligators are my favorite animals to hunt. Out of all of the animals though, I’d say that hogs are my favorite animals to hunt. Luckily, I have multiple properties around where I live that I have permission to hunt hogs.  Hogs are a nuisance, so there is no season or limit to how many you can shoot, so I do my best to hunt them year round. It helps the environment, it’s a lot of fun for me and it puts meat in the freezer.

Hogs usually feed in the evening/night time, so when I got off work early last week (around 4 pm) I went home, grabbed my camo and my gun, and drove to the property where I hunt. I walked way back into the woods to a spot where I had spread some corn around to lure the hogs in. I have a blind set up about 20 yards from where I spread the corn, and that’s where I sat, hid, and waited for the hogs to come. I sat for about an hour and a half and by then the sun had set and it was completely dark. Once the sun set and it was dark, I heard what sounded like about 20 hogs run right up to the corn. Since it was completely dark, I could not see the hogs, so I had my shotgun ready, grabbed a flashlight, shined it on the hogs, and quickly pulled the trigger before they took off. Bam. I got 2 in one shot. So that’s my adventure for this week. Many more to come!