Perfect Weekend

This week I went on another fishing trip on the St. John’s river. This time I was out to catch bluegill and channel catfish. We’ve had a really bad drought over the past few months so the water in the river is very very low. It’s so shallow that most boats can’t even ride down the river because they will hit the bottom. My boat however, is very small, light, and can ride through very shallow water. So for me, it wasn’t a problem. I hit the bottom of the river with my prop a few times, but other than that, it was smooth sailing out to my spot.
I knew there were going to be fish at the spot that we were going to because the water is so low, all of the fish school up in the little deep spots in the bends in the river. The spot I was going to was the deepest and biggest bend that I could get to. So the setup was perfect. I took my good friend Jon with me on my boat, and we got up early and were at the spot by around 7 AM. By around 10:00 we had caught over 40 fish including over 30 bluegill, 6 or 7 catfish, and a couple bass. We threw them all in the cooler, took them home, cleaned them, and had a bunch of friends over the next day for a big fish fry! Now that’s my type of weekend.