New Rig

I had to work a lot over spring break, so I really didn’t have to do too much fun stuff. One day however, I got off of work early so I was ready to try to find something fun to do that afternoon and/or evening. I had some lights that I had been wanting to put on my boat for a while so I thought maybe I could install them and then go bowfishing. To me that sounded like a perfect way to spend a free evening. So I invited a friend over to help me rig the boat and then go bowfishing after. We worked for a couple hours to get everything set up, and we were almost ready to go. The last thing I needed was a deep cycle marine battery. I had one, but I had let a buddy borrow it a few months back because I wasn’t really using it at the time. So I called him up and asked if I could stop by and pick up the battery. He said of course, so I drove over there and picked it up, brought it home, hooked it up to the lights on the boat, and the boat was ready to go. Once the sun started going down we got all the gear ready, loaded it into the truck, hooked up the boat, and took off. At this point we had been working for a few hours on setting everything up perfectly so that we were ready for the trip. Once we got out there, we launched the boat into the water, hopped in the boat, started it up, turned on the light switch, and the lights came on for just a second, and then started fading right away. Great. My buddy had destroyed my battery. So much for that day.