One of the best friends I’ve ever had passed away almost exactly 2 months ago. This man, Chris Brandes was my dad’s age, but he was still my best friend, and the most influential person in my life. He was the one who got me into the field of marketing. He also is the one who taught me all about the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. Without him, I would not be in the same program at school, I would have a different job, and I would have different hobbies. Everything I do today, has somehow been influenced by him. One of the most important ways that he influenced me, is he always volunteered his time to help others. One way that he did this, was by volunteering for the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), which is a hunting conservation organization that helps enhance habitats for wild turkeys as well as other animals. Without organizations like these, hunting opportunities would be very limited, or gone.
There was always an annual NWTF fundraising banquet for our local chapter at the end of February that Chris would organize that helped raise thousands of dollars for the NWTF every year. This year, since Chris wasn’t here to run it, his sister and I contacted the regional director, Austin, to offer our time and effort to try to make the show go on in Chris’s honor. Austin was thrilled, and he worked with us to put it on. The banquet was this past weekend, and we had the best turnout that the chapter has ever seen. It was an emotional time for me, but I was thrilled at how well it went, and I know Chris would be proud. Sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to inspire people to work hard to achieve their goals. That’s what happened to me this weekend. Knowing, that Chris would’ve wanted the banquet to go on and be successful, pushed me to make it happen for him.