Memorable Morning

Just before the second weekend of turkey season, a man that I had just met at a fundraising banquet invited me to go turkey hunting on saturday out on the St. John’s river. Of course I said yes, as turkey hunting is now one of my new favorite hobbies, and the St. John’s river is my favorite place to be. He has his own airboat, and said he would be happy to take me on it and we would ride out to one of his secret spots to go hunt. Sounded like a great plan to me! So I got his number, and we came up with a gameplan and met at 5:30 AM saturday morning at the boat ramp. Airboats in my opinion, are the funnest vehicles to ride in the world. So I started having fun as soon as we left the boat ramp. It was about a 20 minute boat ride to the spot, then we had to walk a few hundred yards into the woods to get to where the turkeys were. When the sun came up, I found myself in the most gorgeous cypress woods I’ve ever seen and there were a few turkeys gobbling in the distance. None of the turkeys came in close enough for me to get a shot, but it was still a very enjoyable hunt. Then on the airboat ride back we saw hundreds and hundreds of gators which was very cool. So even though we didn’t have any luck, I will definitely remember that morning for a long time. And I am very thankful to my new friend for taking me out there.