Could've Been Worse

Between work, school, family, and all of my other responsibilities, it's difficult to find time to do the things I love anymore. However, this past Saturday, I had a few hours free to go out fishing with my neighbor early in the morning. The goal was to be on the water by 7:00 AM, and back to the boat ramp by 11:00 AM so that I'd have time to take care of my responsibilities that afternoon. We heard reports that the speck (a freshwater fish) were biting really well in the St. John's River, and that they were biting on jigs if you casted into the lily pads. So that was what we were going to try.

We got to the spot at around 7:15 and tried for almost 3 hours and we did not get a single bite. We were completely frustrated and about ready to give up. How could the one day that I get to go fishing be so bad? But wait, there's more. My buddy was using one of my favorite fishing rods and he somehow managed to drop it in the river! Great. Now I'm really getting frustrated. Out of desperation I take my other fishing rod and casted to where I thought the fishing rod had fallen out of the boat. I dragged my hook along the bottom hoping to snag my rod from the bottom of the river. All of the sudden, I felt my hook snag on something. No way. Yup. I got it. I recalled my line in and on the end of the hook was my other fishing rod that my friend dropped. That had to be one of the luckiest moments of my life.

So now that something good had happened, I decided maybe we should keep fishing for a little bit before we head in. This time I wanted to try a different technique. We gave it a shot, and in the 45 minutes that we had left to fish, we ended up catching 11 speck. So a day that looked like it couldn't get any worse, actually turned out to be a trip to remember.