So this past weekend was another weekend spent with my buddies Spencer and Randy. We found some side work clearing some land for some of Randy’s friends so we all teamed up and loaded up in Randy’s big truck. If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you know that Randy’s truck is a massive truck that he takes a lot of pride in. He’s done a lot of work on it, trying to improve and repair it to be the best possible. It’d been running great recently, so he was happy to drive us to the job site because we needed a truck to get the job done. Being that the three of us are all broke college kids, we didn’t mind spending our Saturday working because we all needed the money. Spencer was in an especially bad spot because he had a speeding ticket and no money to pay for it. So he was very happy to have work that day.

The three of us worked all day cutting down trees, bushes, and branches and hauling them out to the road. We were almost done with the job, all we had to do is load the branches and logs in the bed of the truck and haul it all to the landfill. So we loaded everything up, and we were almost done. Just a couple more pieces to throw in the back, then we’d get paid. On the last piece, Spencer grabbed a small round thick part of a branch, threw it into the bed of the truck, but it went too far, and smashed the back window of Randy’s truck. $300 to replace. Whelp. Time to look for more work.

Moral of the story, the work never ends.