Be Cheap

So this week didn’t have any super crazy adventures, but that’s not to say it wasn’t great. I did manage to make it out on my boat with a couple buddies for a little fishing trip. We went out to the St. John’s river again to do a little speck fishing. Now speck are pretty small fish, but they are fun to catch and they taste great. If you catch enough of them, you’ll have the best fish fry you could imagine! So that was our goal. To go out, and catch as many speck as possible and bring them home to make a delicious dinner.
Now we decided we were going to try to troll through the river for these fish which is when you cast out your plastic baits behind the boat and drag them behind the boat as you slowly drive down the river. When you do this, it’s best to have as many baits dragging as possible to get the most bites. Now I have a lot of fishing poles, but I told my buddies that they should probably bring extras. The more the better. My friend Randy told me that he didn’t have any poles that were good for catching speck, so we stopped by the store so he could buy one.
When I buy a pole, I usually get a nice one because I plan on using it a lot, and I want it to work well and to last a long time. Randy however, doesn’t fish for speck very much so he wanted to get the cheapest rod possible. In this case, the cheapest rod there was a $10 dollar teenage mutant ninja turtles kiddy rod. So of course, my goofy friend bought the rod, took it fishing, and ended up catching more fish with it than all of the other rods combined. I couldn’t believe it. I guess I should get one of those instead.